Abu is six years old and the youngest of the four. He is a foodie and is quite
playful. Abu spends a lot of time playing video games at home. His mum is a
world-renowned chef and so he has a great deal of access to lots of delicious
meals. Abu’s mum tries to get him out of the house once in a while I order to
get him active as much as possible so he cuts down on his addiction to video
games, while trying to also keep him fit and active. Abu is very sweet spirited
but sometimes gets into scuffles in school with other boys who try to bully him because of his weight. He is very animated in his ways, loves music and also loves to sing. He and Noro are great buddies. Abu has a beautiful gift of singing and composing songs. Whenever all four of them are going through any problems, Abu’s gift of singing becomes a solution provider as he puts his lyrics together so powerfully in his mind. He sees the lyrics in his mind using Grandma Wura’s proverbs as he writes them out in the air. Abu stutters when he is angry or becomes nervous.