Something terrible happens when Wandoo a jealous moth, invites Dooshima to a flying contest. Now Dooshima must do all she can to ensure that Wandoo never tells her secret to anyone else. This story comes with lessons that teach children about contentment and the dangers of keeping secrets from their parents.
This is from the collection series, “Grandma Wura‘s Story Hut.


Timid Okafor’s ability to play the local Oja flute takes him to the palace where he became best friend to the young prince. However, a time comes when Okafor has to choose between friendship and wealth. This story teaches the child about loyalty, love and sacrifice. This is part of a collection series of Grandma Wuras story hut that comes with great moral values and a cultural tour of Nigerias heritage and Africa at large.


Nkechi‘s wish to be an ant was granted by the Wind of Wishes but not without a prize to be paid. The story teaches the child about hard work and responsibility. It also takes us through the world of ants and how they build their colony. This is from the collection series, “Grandma Wura‘s Story Hut‘‘.

The Grandma Wura School Bus series is designed to help children have fun while learning popular African Proverbs and their interpretations in more modern ways that come with colourful illustrations, sing along-songs that help them remember and retain the lessons learnt while also applying them in their everyday walk. The material is created for the purpose of raising disciplined and outstanding children with a leadership mindset from their early years.


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