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The cultural and creative industries generate merit to people-centered values, sustainable urban development, development of creativity and culture, and contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. Culture is both a driver and enabler of human and sustainable development. It empowers people to take ownership of their own development, and stimulates innovation and creativity which can drive inclusive and sustainable growth. We use the ancient African art of storytelling, fun and entertainment in inculcating leadership values in children and teenagers for the purpose of nation-building. Our stories are original, significant and relevant to today’s modern world; as well as didactic in order to educate, correct and instruct while entertaining.

Proud African Roots through the research and expository method of teaching, exposes children and teenagers to the various aspects and processes of production which entails training them as actors… and so on. This to us at Proud African Roots is the developmental process of raising and equipping global leaders who are ready to serve their world and make global impact.