Join us in raising the new generation of leaders who would have been equipped with the right values for global leadership as we use alternative forms of education while adopting our techniques and ideas to radio, television, social media, theatre, art training workshops, virtual programs, school tours and so on.

We believe that with the help of the right people, we can do so much faster – reach more families and produce more content.

We welcome sponsorship from Individuals and Corporate bodies in funding our projects.

You can partner with cash or souvenirs as sponsorship for:

  • Grandma Wura School Tours: Help us take Grandma Wura to more schools
  • Story Theatre with Grandma Wura: Pay for tickets so more families can attend our story theatre for free
  • Production of Audio and Video Books: Producing Videos and audiobooks cost money, partner with us to lessen the burden
  • Radio Airtime: We’d love to feature Grandma Wura stories and jingles on different radio stations across Africa. Help us make it happen

And more.