who we are

Proud African Roots Limited is a Creative Arts Company built to produce value-oriented content for African Families especially children and teenagers. As a pacesetter and flagbearer for Family-focused African Arts Education in Nigerian and the Diaspora, we specialise in producing world-class theatre, audio/visual/written publications and general entertainment contents that teach leadership values and that preserve our African heritage.

Our work in the creative arts provides a non-monetary value that contributes to inclusive social development, dialogue and understanding between people. We have a very unique formula for creating original stories for children and which also appeal very strongly to the entire family audience, which is quite rare in Nigeria. The quality of our work is of global standard with our own original soundtracks, refreshing storytelling and magnificent costumes. We tell our stories in the most unique and entertaining way for the purpose of promoting social peace, security and development of Nigeria.



To Give Every Future and Creative Inclined Talent A Voice



Raising a new generation of leaders who are equipped with the right values for leadership through storytelling, fun, African arts and entertainment as we take each child on a journey of self discovery, development and expression of their individual tal and skills.

So Far, we have successfully created a grandmother character “Grandma Wura” who has become popular amongst so many families, schools and brand organisations. Through the Grandma Wura brand we drive our goals and objectives for social-economic impact and  development. The Grandma Wura brand continues to reach millions of lives within and outside Nigeria.