Kojo is Seven years old and born to a Ghanaian parents. His father is a lab
scientist while his mum is a vet. As a result, he picked up a great deal of liking
in animals and insects as well. Kojo loves animals and imagines they have
human attributes so he talks about them in very real ways similar to humans.
His classmates in school find him very weird and interesting all at the same
time because of his passion and knowledge of animals and insects. He is always excited about meeting Grandma Wura as this boosts his self-esteem a lot and gives him the opportunity to always relate or connect whatever she discusses with all four of them to animals. Grandma Wura and the other kids love this very much and always look forward to having Kojo share his knowledge with them in the most creative ways. Kojo connects their activities and discussions through fun facts about animals and insects. His side talks about the animals and insects are very educative, funny and sometimes sarcastic which makes him very mischievous and gets everyone into trouble with the animals. Kojo is also able to communicate with the animals and insects.