Bola Edwards is a brilliant actor, dancer, voice talent, writer, producer and entrepreneur. At first, what you see is an approachable warm grace but don’t be fooled, a quick witted passion lies underneath. She has played both leading and supporting roles in theatre, television, film and audio productions. Bola made her indelible mark of all time at the 2012 London Olympics when she played the ferocious Queen Odosun, in Fred Agbeyegbe’s The King Must Dance Naked.

She is a featured client of The Savvy Actor New York’s success stories and is a best actress award nominee. Bola loves writing for children and teenagers, while coaching and inspiring them towards the arts.


Patrick Edwards is a prolific script writer, song writer, storyteller, multi instrumentalist and music producer with over twenty years experience. Also a board member of the media company BNG Innovates limited, Patrick is married to Bola Edwards. Patrick is a seasoned voice trainer who has trained a number of singers as well as choirs within and outside the country. He loves children and loves to entertain them with his original stories.


KANEBI CHIDINMA is a 2D generalist animator and the creative director of the animated children series “Fourteenagers”, “Citrus” and “The Chi-Chi Misadventures” which had official selections at the African International Film Festival, AFRIFF and Zuma Film Festival in 2023.

Chidinma has a keen interest in making animated children’s content and has created a series of instructional learning materials and short films for children and teens. Chidinma is a lover of nature and the environment. One of her first animation project on Ocean Awareness won an award at GMES & Africa, 2019 in Ghana.

Learning never ends for the young animator as she has since completed various certificate trainings, animation workshops, pitching events and masterclasses organized both locally and internationally. She is also a practicing physiotherapist, 3D model artist, digital illustrator and art instructor.

Tuoyo Natuke

A passionate storyteller and experienced filmmaker with over a decade in the business of movie making. I am all about creating killer visual that grabs your attention and won’t let go! From corporate videos to TV commercials, documentaries to blockbuster shorts and features, I’m your go-to guy.


I am a passionate digital artist with over 5 years of professional experience in creating captivating visual experiences. My work blends creativity, technology, and imagination to deliver stunning artworks across various digital mediums. I bring ideas to life through vibrant and detailed illustrations. While also crafting visuals that breathe life into stories and concepts by creating unique and memorable characters for diverse projects. I leverage technologies such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Procreate, and more to deliver high-quality results.