Chichi is seven years old. She is bossy and sometimes finds it hard to make
friends. She loves to read a lot and as a result she is very smart and
knowledgeable about a lot of things. This makes her seem a little proud and
come across as a show-off a lot of times. She also is given to talking a lot and
doesn’t know when to stop. She is quite blunt and could sometimes go out of
line with her words. However, Chichi has the ability to organize things and is
very good at fixing a chaotic situation within a very short time. This also
explains her love for mathematics. She loves fixing puzzles and she is a very
meticulous person which also makes her quite a neat freak. For Chichi, things
always have to be put in their place and as a result she and Abu get into a lot of fights and arguments because Abu’s care-free nature gets her irritated very often due to having to pick up after him constantly whenever they are