Bola Edwards is a brilliant actor, dancer, voice talent, writer, producer and entrepreneur. At first, what you see is an approachable warm grace but don’t be fooled, a quick witted passion lies underneath. She has played both leading and supporting roles in theatre, television, film and audio productions. Bola made her indelible mark of all time at the 2012 London Olympics when she played the ferocious Queen Odosun, in Fred Agbeyegbe’s The King Must Dance Naked.

She is a featured client of The Savvy Actor New York’s success stories and is a best actress award nominee. Bola loves writing for children and teenagers, while coaching and inspiring them towards the arts.


Patrick Edwards is a prolific script writer, song writer, storyteller, multi instrumentalist and music producer with over twenty years experience. Also a board member of the media company BNG Innovates limited, Patrick is married to Bola Edwards. Patrick is a seasoned voice trainer who has trained a number of singers as well as choirs within and outside the country. He loves children and loves to entertain them with his original stories.