Banke is seven years old. She is very friendly and warm. This makes her quite
popular in school and a favourite amongst teachers. She is also very humble
and has a very pleasant attitude. As a result, she behaves really mature and her peers in school look up to her a lot. She is the mama bear amongst the four and is known for always giving wise advise to everyone of them. She loves Grandma Wura’s African proverbs and is always very fast at figuring them out.
Banke is raised by a single mum and as a result she sees and understands a lot of things that her mum goes through. Banke is very dramatic and she loves showbiz. Her somewhat very colourful personality makes her really camera confident. She is a bold and confident leader as well as a role model. She is extra close to Grandma Wura and loves to come around on other days asides Saturdays to help Grandma Wura around her home and garden. She spends more time with Grandma Wura than the others do. She is also a no-nonsense person who has a bit of a temper which comes up from time to time.
Whenever this happens everyone runs into hiding.